Keeping It Simple (KISS Principle) with 2 Supplements

Fewer industries try to make things more confusing than the health and fitness industry. A million different diets, superfoods, exercise modalities, stress reduction methods, etc........are all likely well intended, but the end user, the person struggling with their health and fitness, generally gets overwhelmed easily and fails over and over again due to thing being overcomplicated for them. 

The supplement industry is no different. There's a lot of very beneficial supplements many people should consider taking, but there's a lot that people shouldn't consider or certainly shouldn't be where they begin. 

In this short article (short on purpose because of short attention spans) we'll explain why the KISS principle should also apply to your supplement choices.

Most people struggle with eating optimal protein in their diets. Sure, it's easy to meet the RDA requirements, but remember, that's a pretty low bar, and it does not recommend optimal amounts of anything, much less protein. That being said, one could aim to eat more lean sources of protein in their diet, which would be a really good thing. The other thing to consider is using a protein powder like our LEAN Whey Protein. This is a good strategy when on-the-go and need something quick, nutritious, delicious, high protein, and low cal. Protein powder can also be used in a variety of foods/recipes to increase protein intake. 

Recommendation #1: Whey Protein

Let's look at another area where people struggle, and that's with vegetable and fruit intake. Vegetables and fruits are incredibly nutrient dense with powerful micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are vital for our health and wellness. Additionally, they are quite low-cal, especially most non-starchy vegetables. If you're like most people, and do not get your 10 servings of vegetables and fruits every day, then what do you do? This is where we recommend a powdered greens product like our DAILY Greens/Probiotics. This combination not only includes a wide variety of super-greens to your diet, but also some powerful super-reds (fruits and veggies) that have incredible nutrient value. Not to be outdone, it also includes probiotics for gut health, adaptogens to aid with stress, and mushroom extracts for cognition. When a product can be part of the solution for that many of our shortcomings, we call that a winner.

Recommendation #2: Powdered Greens

Just those two products alone would do wonders for enhancing your nutrition and health status. It could also help in keeping you in a caloric deficit so you can lose excess body fat. Financially, since most people spend $10(+) everyday on convenience food/drink, you could easily find yourself saving a grip load of money by embracing those two products alone. 

Now, could you supplement more than this? Absolutely. In fact, we also like to use:

  1. Creatine
  2. Omega 3
  3. Perform Energy

But when you're just trying to KISS, the top two covers a lot from what you've likely been missing. After you establish the habit of taking those two, then think about adding a 3rd, if you even want to.